Those Issues by the numbers: 2.33 billion and counting...

As of today (4 August 2006), Google thows up 2.33 billion entries on 'environment'. Water, as an issue - 1.44 billion AIDS 0.53 b Poverty 0.23 b and Starvation? just 0.018...18 million entries... And marketing, you ask??? 1,570,000,000. One point five seven billion entries. It's just not enough.

Motivating individual environmentalism

Interesting to see the IPPR pickiung up the question of citizen level environmentalism. They critique, as Glasshouse did in our Branding Biodiversity report, the over-inflation of claims and over-emotionalisation of outcomes - fearing that it may switch people off, and encourage free-rider principles, or simple despair. Well done the IPPR for raising this communications question. However, I'm not aware of any evidence that porn switches people off sex... Neither does enviro-porn switch them off the environment. What it can do, though is to confuse their understanding of what's real and what's fake. Not all women have DD breasts...not all enviro-technologies work.